Leif Babin

The Laws of Combat. Simple.

Detroit Video Production Laws Of Combat

Recently I was a guest author for Echelon Front's "Platoon Hut".

The content of that post is below:

As a film maker and entrepreneur, I am always drawn to the latest gear to help me capture the best images. In fact, I get deliveries from the camera store so often, the Fedex & UPS guys and I are practically on a first name basis.

Lately, I have found myself bogged down with all the rigors of owning equipment while its value quickly fades into digital oblivion. From updating firmware, to cleaning and organizing, and repackaging for travel, managing the equipment is almost a full-time job.

I have the honor of working with the Echelon Front team to help create digital content. Having attended all the Musters and being in the unique position of editing their content as I scrub through and watch hours of video, I am reminded about the Laws of Combat that Jocko, Leif, and the team speak about so often.

One Law currently stands out: SIMPLE

As I sit in my office loaded with cameras, jibs, gimbals, lighting equipment, computers, and literally hundreds of terabytes of video, I hear the call to simplify. This law isn’t just about my communications with those I work with. It’s about my equipment and organization for my entire business.

Is it better to have one great camera vs. seven decent ones? How many tablets, smart phones and screens are enough? Sure there is something to be said for redundancy, but there is also a point of critical mass where the item owned becomes your owner and now commands your time needing repairs and upgrades. Many of us have garages, offices, and warehouses full of these things, I have become weighed down by the complexity I have created for myself.

The call to keep it simple in my communication, equipment and execution rings loud and clear and has become my focus in 2018. It’s time for me to implement. It’s time for me to apply Simple to my personal and professional life. This is my reminder that the Laws of Combat apply everywhere.