EMMY AWARD WINNER: Minds of Medicine Transforming Transplant

Minds of medicine: Transforming transplant

Medical Video Production / Surgical Video

We are so pleased to announce that The Minds of Medicine: Transforming Transplant, a medical documentary, recently won an Emmy Award in the category of Health & Science Program from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Michigan Chapter

Filming “Transforming Transplant” with host Paul W. Smith of WJR Radio, we followed the real life and death struggle of two patients and the team of doctors who are doing their best to save them.

Trans Medics has created the world’s first warm blood perfusion system that allows for a new type of transplant called living organ transplant. For years the liver in a transplant was kept in hypothermic state while in transport to preserve the organ. Unfortunately even though the liver is cold, it is still in a partial functioning state. This creates what doctors call a crisis period for about 20 minutes after the liver is reperfused with the new blood of the recipient. This crisis period can cause complications including blood pressure drop and even the patient’s heart stopping.

What is amazing is that while filming this surgical video production, we watched the Trans Medics perfusion system keep the liver alive and viable while out of the body. When used for other organs, hearts beat, lungs breathe, kidneys produce urine, livers produce bile. It is utterly amazing.

Being a medical video creator, I have to tell you filming all of this and being in the operating room rolling video and standing over this machine was like witnessing a miracle. This was only the second time this device was used in all of the United States and to my knowledge the first surgical operations video following a patient fully through the procedure.

If you live in the Detroit MI area and are in need of a transplant I cannot stress enough the amazing medical team at Henry Ford Health System. I am not paid by them to talk about this or compensated in any other way (other than being paid for surgical video on this project). After being in the operating room in several surgeries, shooting lots of medical video, and watching this particular miracle take place, I am a believer in both Henry Ford and Trans Medics. And it always helps to have a video crew in the room to keep the doctors at their best… so be sure to google “Video Production Companies Near Me”. 😆

Seriously though, if you have a need to talk to someone about yours or a loved ones liver and are in the Detroit, MI area, contact the Henry Ford Transplant Team here: https://www.henryford.com/services/transplant

Written & Directed by:
Jim TerMarsch

Directors of Photography:
Shawn Hamer
Joel Knoop
Jeff Carter
Todd Skipski

Equipment Used:

Sony FS5
Sony FS700
Sony A7sII
Canon Lenses
Sound Devices Mixers
Rhino Sliders
DJI Ronin