Drones: Capturing Unique Perspectives & Epic Landscapes


Detroit Drone Photography & Aerial Filming

Adding unique perspectives to your video production is now easier than ever. With 3axis gimbles, car mounts, Steadicam, action & body cams, and most recently the proliferation of drone technology and wide-spread availability of the units, getting that top-down perspective is easier than ever… well sort of.

As the world of drone flight evolves, operators are faced with many varying challenges, certifications and changing State and Federal rules for aviation. Some legislation is aimed at privacy and some aimed at safety. All are valid considerations, but surely keep us, the operators, on our toes. As we keep one eye on the skies for our next shot opportunity, the other is on the evolving regulations regarding UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) flight.

At least for the time-being, that unique shot for your production, is still legal and available relatively easily.

Photo: Phantom 4 Pro sunrise preflight checks in Sedona, AZ.