Observe Orient Decide Act

Dave Berke, a retired Marine Fighter Pilot and former Top Gun Instructor, has joined the Echelon Front team to teach battle-tested leadership principles to business leaders all across the globe. 
We have had the privilege of working with Echelon Front  and Dave Berke since 2016 and were hired to produce his latest speaker reel video.

With multiple combat deployments, and certifications in multiple fighter aircraft including being the first operation pilot ever to fly and be qualified in the F35B, Dave Berke is the perfect person to speak to the decision making process first recorded by John Boyd called the OODA Loop.

It is a decision cycle that when executed more quickly than your opponent, in any situation, will result in your victory over that opponent. While this decision making process is particularly applicable to air combat, it is amazingly applicable to daily life as well.

Wikipedia explains it like this:

"Boyd's key concept was that of the decision cycle or OODA loop, the process by which an entity (either an individual or an organization) reacts to an event. According to this idea, the key to victory is to be able to create situations wherein one can make appropriate decisions more quickly than one's opponent. The construct was originally a theory of achieving success in air-to-air combat, developed out of Boyd's Energy-Maneuverability theory and his observations on air combat between MiG-15s and North American F-86 Sabres in Korea. Harry Hillaker (chief designer of the F-16) said of the OODA theory, 'Time is the dominant parameter. The pilot who goes through the OODA cycle in the shortest time prevails because his opponent is caught responding to situations that have already changed.'

Boyd hypothesized that all intelligent organisms and organizations undergo a continuous cycle of interaction with their environment. Boyd breaks this cycle down to four interrelated and overlapping processes through which one cycles continuously:

  • Observation: the collection of data by means of the senses
  • Orientation: the analysis and synthesis of data to form one's current mental perspective
  • Decision: the determination of a course of action based on one's current mental perspective
  • Action: the physical playing-out of decisions

Of course, while this is taking place, the situation may be changing. It is sometimes necessary to cancel a planned action in order to meet the changes. This decision cycle is thus known as the OODA loop. Boyd emphasized that this decision cycle is the central mechanism enabling adaptation (apart from natural selection) and is therefore critical to survival."

Hear Dave Berke and other combat leaders like Jocko Willink (Jocko Podcast) & Leif Babin speak at the Echelon Front Muster about leadership and the combat lessons that apply to life an business.

The education you will walk away with is worth every penny.