Field Training Exercise - Echelon Front

Working with Echelon Front is one of our greatest honors. These American heroes have fought and bled on the battlefield to learn the leadership lessons they are paying forward to clients and leaders around the globe.

This is BTS from their FTX Training. FTX stands for Field Training Exercise. FTX is real-world on-site training where participants learn to lead teams in high stress environments. The scenarios are set up to be difficult and even cause failure, but the debriefs after always help trainees capture the lessons of the operation and apply them to both business and life.

North American International Auto Show

Steadicam Op for NBC Sports at the North American International Auto Show

FORD Ranger Montana Shoot

Producer for Imagination The Americas on Ford Ranger press reveal spot

Pharma Branding Shoot

Cinematographer for Human Element Pharma Studio Shoot

BURN: One Year On The Front Lines Of The Battle To Save Detroit

As a part of the film crew for BURN, I spent just over a year living with and responding to emergency calls with both Engine 50 on Detroit's East Side and Engine 40 on the West Side.

The lessons learned about these brave Fire Service Workers still sticks with me today. They are daily putting their lives on the line to help the community in the continual struggle to come back from financial collapse. I have nothing but respect for the DFD and the brave men and women who each and every day look evil in the eye and say "This far and no further."